Accident Assistance

What should you do in case of an accident?

If you have been involved in a car crash, remember that you are allowed to pick the repair shop for your vehicle. Drive your car over to our CarrXpert Port Hawkesbury Collision centre body shop for repairs or restoration.



I was in an accident, what should I do now?

After being involved in an accident, the most important thing to do is to find accident assistance immediately. Depending on the accident, this could include making sure all parties involved have received medical attention, calling 911 if needed, exchanging insurance information with other people involved, and gathering any witness accounts. It may also be necessary to contact a tow truck if your car needs to be towed or get it repaired. Additionally, it’s important to make sure there is no property damage related to the accident. During this trying situation, one of the most important tips to remember is to remain as calm as possible and take care of yourself first before taking any other steps- for instance.

Steps to Follow

  • Figure out if there is anyone who needs instant medical attention and dial 911 if needed.
  • Make sure that the car is safe to drive afterwards (no parts falling off, any problems with the suspension or fluids leaking).
    Reach out to the RCMP at (902) 625-2220 even if they may not be required to go to the location of the crash.
  • Obtain the other driver’s (or drivers’) insurance information, including their insurer’s name, policy number and date of expiration.
  • Call your insurance provider to make a report – their emergency claim line is usually on the back of your policy card.
  • If the car needs to be towed due to it not being safe for driving, get in touch with Canso Towing at 902-227-8700.
  • Have your car towed to CarrXpert Port Hawkesbury Collision Centre and we will assist you with the res

Accident Tips

In the event of an accident, it’s important to know certain accident tips to help protect yourself and your property. First, maintain your position and refrain from moving until assistance arrives. Then, make sure to exchange insurance information swiftly and accurately with the other party, along with taking pictures of paperwork, locations of vehicles involved, tire tracks, body harm, skid marks, and the state of the road. The only paperwork that needs to be signed is an invoice for towing services and a police report; if authorities do not arrive on the scene make sure to file one yourself. Additionally, get contact information from any witnesses present before they leave the location – and if the driver’s name is not the same as the insured person make sure you record both names and addresses in addition to learning what their connection is to each other. Lastly, avoid talking about who is primarily to blame for the accident; instead simply record relevant accident details.