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Garmat 3000 Series Spray Booth

Our state-of-the-art Garmat 3000 Series Spray Booth provides downdraft for cleaner painting and can bake the paint to a surface at temperatures up to 160 degrees F. It also features superior, horizontally placed lighting for a virtually shadow-free illumination of the vehicle during the painting process.

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GFS Aluminum Repair Isolation Station

Being a certified aluminum repair facility, our GFS Aluminum Repair Isolation Station allows us to work on your aluminum-bodied vehicle without risking dust cross-contamination with steel-bodied vehicle repairs. Our isolation station is equipped with its own tools, which are only used on aluminum vehicles, and a specialized welder.

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AkzoNobel Sikkens Automatchic Vision

Paint finishes can fade over time, but the AkzoNobel Sikkens Automatchic Vision spectrophotometer uses the latest digital technology for precise, reliable color measurements for any repair. In combination with AkzoNobel Sikkens’ extensive database, it is the most accurate color-matching system available.

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Accurate repairs are the cornerstone of a quality collision repair. With our stereo camera-based AccuVision-3D measuring system, we are able to ensure any structural repairs are within 1 mm of manufacturer specification, which is more precise than manufacturers themselves require.

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Mitchell Diagnostics

With the ever-increasing need for high-tech safety equipment in modern vehicles, collision repair is about more than fixing body panels. Our industry-leading Mitchell Diagnostics tools allow us to accurately scan vehicle sensors and other electronics to ensure they are working correctly before leaving our facility.

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On-Site Air Conditioning Repair

Front-end collisions can cause significant damage to air conditioning systems, but we’re equipped to handle all air conditioning repairs in-house. CarrXpert Port Hawkesbury Collision has all up-to-date equipment required to recharge the newest vehicle A/C systems, as well as previous systems.

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On-Site Alignment

Ensuring your vehicle is tracking straight and true after a repair is of the utmost importance. At CarrXpert Port Hawkesbury Collision, we have the equipment and expertise to perform full front- and rear-end alignments on any passenger vehicle.

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Chief Phoenix Frame Bench

Our state of the art new frame rack provides the size and flexibility to repair any cars and trucks. Designed and engineered with industry-leading features.

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