Rights of the Consumer

When it comes to collision repairs, the consumer has vast rights that should be exercised. Whatever type of car you drive, you are entitled to have any necessary repairs completed with quality parts that uphold factory-engineered specifications and meet industry standards. Furthermore, you have the right to receive a detailed written estimate of the services and materials needed for your vehicle. As a customer, it’s important to know about your rights when it comes to collision repair so that you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Consider the following:

Selecting a car repair/accident shop

Selecting the right auto repair shop can make all the difference. When it comes to auto repair, you’ll want to thoroughly investigate the business and make sure that they have skilled mechanics, up-to-date equipment and amenities to best serve your needs. Your insurer may recommend that you choose a particular car service operator who has a contractual agreement with them. This could be either a dealership or an independent collision center a decision that ultimately lies in your hands. For added peace of mind, many major insurance companies also accept the “lifetime” warranty provided by CarrXpert Port Hawkesbury Collision Center for customers who have experienced an accident. When it comes time to select which collision center is best for your needs, do your research ask those who have experienced the repair process through their relatives and acquaintances can provide great advice before making a decision.

If you want to be sure that your vehicle is in good hands, select an auto body shop that meets all of your requirements. If you submit an insurance claim, the insurer will cover it however, most provinces do not allow them to indicate which business to go to. Ultimately, the decision of where to take your car is up to you.

Select maintenance components

As a consumer, you have every right to demand that select maintenance components in your vehicle be original equipment manufacturer components. These select maintenance components are specifically designed and created by your vehicle’s maker to ensure proper installation, operation, and safety. Unfortunately, whether your request can be accepted is greatly determined by the limitations of your insurance policy as well as the laws surrounding collision repair in the province where it occurs. By demanding for these select maintenance components to be installed, you protect yourself from harm and ensure quality repairs for your car.

Restrictions and limitations of an insurance policy

Before an accident occurs, familiarizing yourself with restrictions and limitations of your insurance policy is essential to maintaining legal rights. Various regulations may determine what types of parts are used for any single situation, such as OEM and aftermarket components only being applicable in certain model years, plus the components needing to be of the same quality and type. To further ensure protection and convenience, many insurance companies offer two policies: one supporting the use of OEM parts, while the other stating that only aftermarket products should be used instead. By researching your insurance policy before an accident happens, you will not only know what coverage is or isn’t made available, but also gain clarity over the different types or qualities required to properly repair the damage sustained by your vehicle.

The entitlement to having a car that is properly fixed and stable

Everyone is entitled to the guarantee of a well-maintained and safe vehicle in the case of a collision. To ensure this, it is important to ask questions when deciding on a reputable shop for repairs. Research the qualifications of both the shop and its technicians; perhaps consider reviews from others and recommendations. Taking part in ensuring proper repair is essential for making sure that your entitlement isn’t overlooked or disregarded. Although you may have certain rights, actively taking part means that you can never be too sure.